Russell Plows

Opera Maker & Director

Founder & Artistic Director of Hull Urban Opera


Russell is a director, composer, translator and orchestrator of opera based in Hull and his work has been supported by Sky Arts and Screen Yorkshire.

Under his artistic leadership, Hull Urban Opera has become known for its imaginative approach to programming and passionate belief in honest and direct audience engagement. The company’s ethos is friendly, playful and innovative, exploring the where, when and why of operatic performance. Accessibility is key, be it in disability access, price, subject matter or type of engagement and his ‘Brain Jar Sessions’, new music upstairs in a relaxed and popular wine bar, are typical of this approach.

Russell has directed all of HUO’s productions including his own opera Christmas Meeting and HUO commissions The Bar and Crocodile which was recently acquired by Sky Arts for TV broadcast in 2022. He also developed and directed a mindful production of Satie’s Socrates with mindfulness leader Jim Rogers for performance in Hull Minster.

Russell has translated operas for Opera Up Close, Hull Urban Opera and Riverside Opera and created new libretti for his own operas as well as for Raymond Yiu’s Snappy Opera for children, Teacups & Tentacles.

As composer, he recently completed his second chamber opera Mr Tilly’s Seance based on the short story by EF Benson. His other works include choral pieces and chamber music.



More Bumps in the Night


A follow-up to 2019’s popular format with three new stories including a revised live version of Crocodile, a revised version of Louis Mander’s Whistle & I’ll Come to You My Lad and a short play based on the folk tale At The Gate by Myla Jo Closser.

The production was immersive and promenade, occupying three rooms over two floors at 18 Whitefriargate in Hull and climaxing in a wild oversized Punch & Judy opera.

Audience loved being part of the action and described the production as “absolutely exhilarating”, “brilliant, original, inventive” and “like being on Derren Brown’s Trick or Treat”.

Charles Murray as Punch in Lente Verelst's CROCODILE by Hull Urban Opera
It Must Have Been a Tuesday by Hull Urban Opera



It Must Have Been a Tuesday

Composer & Director

Inspired by the US hit Moth Radio Hour, Russell conceived the piece as a Lehrstücke for the company collective. The aim was for the performers to “be with” an audience with as few barriers as possible to direct communication. To this end, each performer crafted a 10-minute true story from their lives which they then told live to a small, intimate audience. Since singers have an expanded range of expression, I set about a third of each story to music accompanied by violin resulting in a free-flow between speech and song.

Audiences responded strongly to the performance describing it as “brave and honest” and “very moving”.





This HUO commission from young Belgian opera-makers Lente Verelst & Lena Vercauteren imagines the characters of Punch & Judy transposed to modern day and unendingly reenacting their misdemeanours.

A natural collaborator for this project was Hull artist Anna Bean who animated to pre-recorded voices under my direction.

The world-building for this project included a website and identity for Crocodile UK, a secret URL and password and police surveillance ending in a raid.

Audience reaction ranged from “one of the best digital operas created in lockdown” to “unbridled nastiness”. Opera Critic Alexandra Coghlan described the work as “very dark and very clever”.

Acquired by Sky Arts for broadcast in 2022  Sky Arts logo

Crocodile by Hull Urban Opera
Edward Robinson in HUO's The Bar



Bumps in the Night

Director & Composer (of Christmas Meeting)

I conceived this site-specific anthology of two new operas and a theatrical adaption as a ghost-tour through one of Hull’s most haunted buildings. Led by a mysterious tour-guide, the audience first encounters my short opera Christmas Meeting based on the clever short story by Rosemary Timperley, then a play based on Mandragora by the same author and lastly The Bar, HUO’s first commission from Verelst & Vercauteren.

Each of the pieces emerged from and receded into darkness and local volunteers were used to supplement the action.

The work really caught the public imagination and tickets were hard to come by with audiences describing it as “brilliantly staged” and “exciting and unpredictable”. A follow-up to the piece is planned for 2022.





Director & Translator

Developed under the alternative title of “Music & Mindfulness”, this production was an attempt to create the right conditions in which to experience Satie’s delicate monodrama. The challenge was to find a way to achieve the unsentimental distancing effect of the soprano singing all four male roles whilst still making the storytelling compelling and theatrical. Soprano Poppy Shotts and I created an outer story in which a recently bereaved woman experiences three stages of grief while points of her emotional journey kiss those of the characters in the story.

The performance began with a 10 minute body scan led by mindfulness expert Jim Rogers to get the audience into a state of relaxation and his further interventions helped to sustain the reflective mood.

Audiences found the performance “captivating and beautifully crafted” and “well-presented & very moving”.

Socrates by Hull Urban Opera with Poppy Shotts & Jim Rogers
It Must Have Been a Tuesday

Recent Compositions

It Must Have Been a Tuesday

Duration: 30 minutes
Three true stories written by the performers
Soprano, Mezzo, Baritone & Violin

1) Embracing your roots
2) Overcoming personal adversity
3) Reconnecting with lost family

I commissioned true stories from Poppy Shotts, Alex Grainger & Joanna Gamble and set about a third of each to music accompanied by violin. The result was a heartfelt expression by three sensitive performers who committed wholly to baring their souls before an intimate audience.


Recent Compositions

Mister Tilly’s Seance

Duration: 25 minutes
Libretto by the composer based on the short story by EF Benson

MR TILLY, c.30 – Baritone  |  MADAME CUMBERBATCH, c.50 – Mezzo
MR MERRIOTT, c.30 – Tenor  |  COMMANDER PLAICE, c.45 – Bass
Time and Place
1930s London
Mr Tilly is on his way to an afternoon seance held by Madame Cumberbatch when he is run over and killed by a steam engine. He decides to attend anyway.

Mr Tilly's Seance - opera by Russell Plows
Christmas Meeting - opera by Russell Plows


Older Compositions

Christmas Meeting

Duration: 12 minutes
Libretto after the short story by Rosemary Timperley

THE WOMAN, c.50 – Soprano
FRANCES RANDEL, c.20 – Tenor
Time and Place
c.1950, an ordinary rented room
An older woman, alone at Christmas, is thinking about Christmases past when a strangely dressed young man bursts in convinced the room is his…

Recent Activity



Director    |     The Untitled End of the World Party


Director    |     More Bumps in the Night


Composer     |     It Must Have Been a Tuesday
Director     |     Crocodile, a darkweb opera (Sky Arts)


Composer & Librettist     |     Mr Tilly’s Seance
Librettist     |     Snappy Opera (Mahogany)