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Christmas Meeting

A Ghost Opera in 1 Scene

Music by Russell Plows
Duration: 12minutes
Libretto after the short story by Rosemary Timperley
First performed on Dec 6,7,8 2017 at three venues in Hull. Recorded at Trinity Methodist Church in Hull





THE WOMAN, c.50 … Soprano
THE YOUNG MAN, c.20 … Tenor

Time and Place

c. 1950, an ordinary rented room


An older woman, alone at Christmas in a rented room, is thinking about Christmases past when a young man bursts in. He is strangely dressed and seems confused that he has the wrong room. The two strike up a conversation and the woman discovers that he is a poet, though his family strongly object to his chosen profession. The woman is attentive and the young man, excited at having found a sympathetic ear, begs her to read his work. She agrees but decides first that they should share coffee and plum cake. However, when she returns, the boy is gone. Disappointed, she settles down to read a book taken at random from the bookshelf. The book tells of a strange encounter the author had when returning to his room one Christmas. A woman was already in his room and he thought she must be a ghost though not a frightening one. After a brief chat, she disappeared. A final note explains that this was the final entry, the author having died later that night.